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Our Partners


Campus Media puts the youth into youth engagement - quite literally! We use our enthusiastic and motivated student Brand Ambassadors to ensure your event pulls in a crowd and packs a punch, making it stand out from the competition with show stopping concepts, quality engagements, and proven ROI.

Employing over 500 students across UK universities, we can give your campaign unrivalled access to students and to campus life. From concept to end campaign footage, you can trust Campus Media to deliver the full package. Let's talk!


The National Student has captured the voice of students across the United Kingdom since it was founded in 2002. The backbone of our publication is our network of 600 student contributors – and they certainly are an eclectic and irreverent bunch!

Whether it’s a very personal account of cosmetic surgery in South Korea, outing sexism in retail stores or an essential guide on how to be the good kind of British person abroad, our writers know how to tell a story to their peers.

We choose engaging and relevant content over click-bait every time, and our writers are continuously nurtured by our editorial experts through epic media opportunities, networking events and regular training. This has led our writers to “graduate” on to big name publications such as MTV, The Times and the MailOnline.

We know how to help brands; employers and universities create long-lasting and meaningful relationships with the student market.  Our years of experience and genuine knowledge of the student perspective has allowed The National Student to gain a reputation as a sought after expert within the youth marketing sphere.


We are YouthSight – an award-winning research agency based in Shoreditch with a focus on the under 30s market.

We work with brands such as Tinder, Spotify, O2, Sport England and the BBC to put young people on the agenda. At the heart of everything we do is the believe that youth culture informs and influences the decisions young people make.

Clients come to us if they are struggling to stay relevant, target young people, and grow within the youth market. We use a wide variety of digital research methodologies to help our clients make smart decisions based on evidence and not the latest hipster fad.



ZAK is an independent creative agency with a singular focus: we create big brand ideas that engage under 30s.

We create brands, campaigns and content that place your brand in the cultural centre of your audience’s world. Wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

We know this audience intimately because we engage with them daily via our global insights network, SELFHOOD, which gives our clients insight at the speed of culture.

To find out more about how we can get your brand closer to an under 30s audience, go to zakagency.com/selfh__d, email selfhood@zakagency.com or check us out on Instagram @this_is_selfhood.