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The Engaging Youth Conference – Hot Trends & Insights Programme

Monetising The Hottest Youth Insights, Behaviours & Social Media Trends For Impactful, Profitable, Content-Led Marketing Campaigns To Engage Youth & Students

A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event: 10th October 2017, Bounce Farringdon, Central London. Download The Brochure. Book Today.

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Breakfast, Ping Pong & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Will Worsdell
Controller of Marketing & Media, Digital Channels & On Demand


09.15 Get On Trend! Capitalise On The Latest Trends, Behaviours & Buying Habits Of The Youth Of Today To Ensure Your Brand & Messages Are Down With The Kids

  • What are young people interested in now? Getting to grips with where young millennials are spending most of their time and what this means for organisations
  • Understanding youth consumption habits and their preferred ways of being engaged to transition initial interactions into engaged, long-term customers
  • Key insights into how young people’s lives differ from the generations before them and the influences this might have on our marketing and engagement strategies
  • With such a “quick-to-switch-off” audience, what gets young people engaged and choosing your brand over others?


Anne-Lise Johnsen
Youth Marketing
Arsenal Football Club

Ruben Dehouck
VP Platform Strategy & Partnerships – International
Activision Publishing

Soraya Thompson
English Regional Digital Marketing Manager
Europe British Council

Peter Di-Toro
Head of Marketing & Communications

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain


09.40 Young People Respond! Student & Youth Q&A
Your chance to ask! Pose your questions and find out about the challenges and cultural factors which influence and shape the decision-making processes of young people and students today.


10.05 Get To Grips With Social Media Consumption Habits & Youth Perceptions Of Brands For Insight-Led Social Media Strategies

  • Do we truly understand how and why young people use social media?
  • Is social media a genuinely viable marketing tool or purely a platform for socialising and brand awareness?
  • Evaluating the success brands have had with gaining organic shares on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram among youth and student peer groups
  • Allocating your marketing budget wisely in light of youth social media activity and behavioural trends
  • What is the future of social going to look like?

Charlotte Zelders
Senior Marketing Manager Media, Communications & CRM
PepsiCo Benelux


10.25 What’s The Best Way To Approach Instagram Now?
Capitalise on innovative engagement opportunities with Instagram Stories, paid advertising models and effective content and timing strategies.

Marcela Moreira
International Marketing Manager
Sony Music International

10.45 Informal Networking Break, Morning Refreshments & Youth & Student Feedback Clinics
Youth speak the truth! Ask young people one-on-one for their thoughts on your ideas, social media, website or marketing campaigns. Places strictly limited! First come, first served.


11.15 Target & Engage Young People On Their Digital Channels Of Choice To Build Brand Presence & Optimise Your Digital Strategy

  • Utilising a strategic mix of channels and approaches to convey your brand’s messages and content to the largest – and most relevant – audiences
  • Exploring the best options for your organisation with limited time and budgets to avoid going into new channels blindly
  • Is a plate-spinning approach to social media channels really doing you, or your audience, any favours? Is it feasible to consider shutting down low-impact channels to juggle the competing demands of the social and digital suite?
  • Creating an authentic, engaging and seamless journey for today’s digital-savvy generation which reaches them on every touchpoint

11.15 Perspective One
Mastak Pal Kaur
Senior Product Manager

11.30 Perspective Two
Lauren Smith
Social Media Manager

11.45 Joint Q&A


11.50 Updates On Developments & New Features On Established & Emerging Social Platforms

  • How have brands found success with the likes of stories, 360 videos, live videos, Snapchat filters etc?
  • Contemplating the shift towards hyper-local platforms: what draws youth and students to the more niche social media platforms and what does this mean for the future of engaging youth?

Lillian Betty
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Time Inc. UK

Hannah Fillis
Head of Social & Daily Content

Michael Thomas
UK Sales Director

Jack Parsons
Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Moreau
Global Brand Manager
Square Enix (Western Video Games)

Adam Palczewski
Global Senior Manager eCommerce & Media

12.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner


12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.05 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Mobile Engagement
Maria Bobrowska
Senior European Mobile Commercial Manager
TUI Group

B) Dark Social

C) Social Media Storytelling
Jon Ware
Digital Content Lead
Anthony Nolan

D) Youth Needs & Behaviours
An Nguyen
Senior Planner Youth

E) Low-Cost Snapchat Strategies

13.35 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Jason Bevan
Vice President, European Publicity
Warner Bros. Pictures International



13.50 Targeted, Facilitated, Networking Peer-To-Peer Discussions: What Can Education Providers Do To Better Engage Students Specifically?

1. BEING HUMAN ON SOCIAL: How do we create engaging content that relates to prospective students on an emotional level and balance cultivating a customer-centric, engaging tone of voice with gravitas as a university?

Sharliza Rahman
Head of Digital Marketing Rich Ward Social Media Editor
Middlesex University

Rich Ward
Social Media Editor
Middlesex University

2) TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: What can the higher education industry learn from the high street brands that are resonating with young people?
Emma Bridge
Associate Director (Marketing Communications)
University of Bradford

3) UNIVERSITY SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE: What do students expect from their university?

4) BOOSTING H.E APPLICATIONS: Reflecting on the recent trends and shifting attitudes towards increased employability and sandwich years



13.50 Better Together! Build Successful, Collaborative Working Relationships With Influencers To Tap Into New Followers & Engagement Opportunities

  • How do bloggers and vloggers like to be approached and what piques their interest?
  • Advice on building two-way, organic relationships with influencers to avoid transactional and unsuccessful partnerships
  • How do both parties reach the end goal? Crafting messages and content in a genuine way that doesn’t disengage followers and come across as ‘selling out’

Rob Scotland
Consumer Insights & Analytics Director


14.20 Youth Practical Campaign Feedback
Putting campaigns to the test: hear our panel of young people and students break down exactly what they like and dislike about recent marketing campaigns (the good, the bad and the ugly!)

14.55 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner


14.50 Accurately Track & Report The Impact, Results & Success Of Your Marketing Campaigns To Prove ROI & Inform Future Strategy

  • What are the most practical ways of measuring the ROI of engagement activities and justifying their benefits to senior stakeholders?
  • Effectively harnessing the findings of a campaign’s results – should the feedback mean a complete creative U-turn regarding future strategies?
  • What has been achieved? Looking beyond the facts and figures of campaigns to get to the heart of the engagement outreach and revenue

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check Website For Details


15.10 Informal Networking Break, Afternoon Refreshments & Youth & Student Feedback Clinics


15.40 Crafting Insight-Led Content & Messages Which Grab Attention For Continued Engagement, Increased Brand Awareness & Long-Term Loyalty

  • Where have other brands successfully managed to engage youth?
  • What kind of content should we be putting out and how can we be sure we’re communicating it in a tone of voice that’s appropriate?
  • Pinpointing key paths to content discovery to ensure your messages get seen and resonate with your target audience
  • Don’t be content with your content! Innovative approaches to elevating your brand’s image and appealing to even more young people and students

16.05 Perspective One
Stuart Rowson
Editor, Younger Audiences
BBC Sport

16.20 Perspective Two
Katy Philips
Marketing & Communications Manager
Camp America

Nicky Byrne
Assistant Marketing Manager
Camp America

16.35 Joint Q&A


16.00 Capitalise On Smarter, Targeted Paid Advertisements Which Cultivate Genuine Millennial Engagement & Drive Conversions

  • Optimising paid, targeted adverts which light the fuse and generate organic shares and campaign momentum
  • Accommodating for a particularly savvy audience in relation to paid adverts
  • Exploring your investment options on a tight budget to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck

Tim Love
Senior Marketing Manager


16.20 Likes, Camera, Action! Get Maximum Cut-Through & Youth Engagement With High-Profile, Attention-Grabbing Video Campaigns

  • Delving into the nuts and bolts of video storytelling…how can you maximise the chance of your content grabbing their attention?
  • Creative ways of producing successful videos and distributing to your audiences effectively without breaking the bank
  • Packaging your video and stories differently to accommodate the latest youth trends regarding captioned videos (and their punishing attention spans!)

Josh Newman
Head of Production, Group Marketing
TUI Group

16.40 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Engaging Youth Conference – Hot Trends & Insights, please email info@youthmarketingconference.com.