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29 Brands Explore How To Monetise Trends & Cut Through With Authentic, Inspiring Marketing To Engage Youth & Students -1 Day

Monetise Trends & Cut Through With Authentic, Inspiring Marketing To Engage Youth & Students: Unlock The Latest Youth & Student Trends, Insights & Spending Behaviours & Sky-Rocket Sales With Savvy Marketing & Social Media Strategies, Influencer Content, Video & Advertising Innovations 

One-Day, Brand-Led, Practical Conference, 15th October 2019, Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London

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08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Aparna Sundaresh
Global Brand & Digital Director, Lipton

 Hot Trends & Behaviours - Panel Discussion

09.10 Tap In To Key Insights Into Youth & Student Behaviours & Habits To Remain Relevant, Unlock Spend & Skyrocket Sales

  • What are the latest and hottest trends with youth and students right now?
  • Explore the new platforms this audience spend their time on to future-proof your social media strategy
  • How can brands better segment and target different youth demographics on more than just age and gender – tap into the data to see who they really are!
  • With youth shopping habits changing, how can brands ensure they are keeping up to date with where this audience will be buying in the future?

Tara Clark
Head of Social Media Analytics

Matt Blakeley
Regional Head of Participation & Growth (East)
England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Catherine McLaughlin
Strategic Lead
Sport England

Sophia Field
Research Manager
Channel 4

Social Media Trends

09.40 Send Engagement Levels Through The Roof With Forward-Thinking Social Media Strategies That Resonate With Youth Audiences To Drive Revenue

  • Just being present on social media isn’t enough anymore; what advanced tactics can be employed to ensure your content gets seen and really engages youth and students?
  • Social media never stands still! Explore emerging platforms, algorithm updates and ways of communicating with this demographic to better engage youth audiences
  • When every young person is aware of online ads, paid social and our ‘agendas’, how can you communicate in authentic ways which they trust?
  • It’s not just about where they are, but why they’re there! Unlock the latest insights into platform usage to get your content in the places to activate youth spend most effectively

Kenon Man
Head of Digital Marketing
Swansea University

Social Media Insights - Live Q&A & Panel Discussion

10.00 Remain Relevant & Authentic On Social Media & Ensure That Your Brand Strategy Appeals To The Values & Habits Of Youth Audiences Today

Christine Joos
Head of Digital Creative
TK Maxx

Jaine Sykes
Head of Digital

Chloe Bebbington
Social Media Marketing Manager
River Island

Sonya Mooney
Digital Marketing Manager
Pizza Hut Restaurants UK

Nicola Gee
Social Media Manager

Maria McKenzie
Social Media Communications Manager
Lonely Planet

Marnie Winter-Burke
Senior Digital Marketing Officer

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Engaging Content

11.00 Engaging Content It Doesn't Have To Look Good If It's Got Great Personality: Creating Content That People Actually Like

  • Great content isn't found in a formula or an algorithm - it starts as soon as you tap into what people are genuinely interested in and stop treating them like idiots
  • Young people are just people who are better at using technology. Getting down with the kids doesn't work, but having something to say, living and dying by your brand values and not taking yourself too seriously does
  • Using different content formats to make your creative content better, not just because you can

Anna Clare
Head of Digital
innocent Drinks

11.20 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

 Youth People Respond - Live Q&A

11.40 Youth Insights: Mythbusting!

Our youth panel bust the myths on their social media habits, values, interests and what they look for in a brand.

  • Where are you spending your time online?
  • What truly influences young people and students to choose one brand over another?
  • What inspires you to actually spend your money and make you loyal to a brand?
  • Who do youth audiences truly listen to; influencers or the people around them?
  • How are you consuming media today?
  • What values are most important to you currently?

Video - Double Perspective

12.10 Unlock The Power Of Video To Boost Brand Engagement With Youth Audiences Through Innovative & Eye-Catching Content

Our youth panel bust the myths on their social media habits, values, interests and what they look for in a brand.

  • From vertical to Instagram videos and subtitles: expert advice on creating video campaigns that truly get people talking and engage with youth and students audiences in an authentic way
  • Ensure that your video content engages with young people on a national and international level - without breaking the bank!
  • With attention spans dropping, how can organisations make their video content jump out of the screen and immediately draw in younger audiences?

12.10 Perspective One
Mish Mayer
Head of Original Content

12.30 Perspective Two
Corrina Kavanagh
Audience Development Manager
Columbia Records

Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Conversions
Jas Deogan
Head of Content

B) Small Budget, Big Reach!
Felicity Walters
Senior Creative & Content Manager, EMEA

C) Creating Content With Students

David Gilani
Student Communications & Engagement Manager
Middlesex University
D) Youth Language & Communication

F) Purpose-Based Marketing

E) Media Consumption

G) Ethics & Advertising

13.50 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Nancy Twynam
UK Marketing & Brand Director
BBC Studios


14.00 Harness The Power Of Influencers To Create Partnerships That Cut Through To Youth Audiences & Drive Authentic Engagement

  • A match made in heaven! Top tips on how to find the right influencer for your brand that aligns with your values and engages young people and students
  • It’s not all about numbers, how can brands utilise micro-influencers to create authentic partnerships and communicate maximum relevancy to your target audience?
  • Ensure ROI on your influencer spend by avoiding the pitfalls of fake followers and finding influencers that have a genuine connection with youth and students

Nicole New
Senior Social Media Manager

14.20 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

Channel Mix

14.40 With Youth Channel Preferences Constantly Shifting, How Can Brands Operate On The Best Channel Mix To Engage Youth & Students Most Effectively For ROI?

  • Stop the scroll: ensure you're delivering content on the channels youth really pay attention to drive engagement and activate spend
  • Establishing the best channel mix for your brand story and your audience
  • Omni-channel or multi-channel? Explore how to tackle low-reach channels, and their place in your wider social strategy

Hollie Heffernan
Group Social Creative Specialist

Dedicated Sector Breakouts - Tailor Your Day!

14.50 Please make your way to your dedicated brand or higher education breakout zones

Brand Stream: Innovations

14.55 Top Tips, Hot Trends, Inspired Innovations

A) Brand Loyalty

B) New Technologies

C) Engaging Alternative Youth Pathways

D) Remaining Relevant As They Age

Higher Education Stream: Student Recruitment Panel

14.55 Stand Out From The Crowd & Attract Students Both At Home & Internationally Through Engaging Campaigns Which Resonate & Drive Applications

  • What different elements of student life should higher education be focusing on when looking to attract international students?
  • Explore the key drivers that attract students to apply; how can universities and HE tap into them to be their first choice?
  • What innovative social media campaigns and tactics can universities use to engage students without breaking the bank?
  • Big names on campus! What can universities do to engage student advocates and ambassadors to create authentic, student-led content for your campaigns?

Hannah Hughes
Head of Student Recruitment Marketing
University of York

Dr Maggie Leggett
Director of Marketing & Communications
Queen Mary University of London

Penny Eccles
Director of Marketing & Communications
Nottingham Trent University

Eóin Lally
Head of Marketing & Recruitment (Home)
Birkbeck, University of London

Instagram - Case Study

15.25 Stay Ahead Of The Pack! Explore How Formats Such As IGTV, Stories & The Grid Can Be Used To Future-Proof Your Instagram Content Strategy

Lauren Smith
Head of Social Editorial Strategy
Hearst UK

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Students Panel - Live Q&A

16.10 From Application To Ambassador!

Hear from students themselves and get their thoughts on what makes  them choose where to study, what forms of communication really engage with them and what inspires them to become a true advocate

Authentic Student Communications

16.40 Harness The Talent Pool Of Student Social Media Ambassadors To Drive Engagement With Your Target Audience

John McCarthy
Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment & External Relations
University of Salford

Advertising & Paid Social

17.00 Harness The Power Of Targeted Advertising To Ensure Your Campaigns Reach & Engage Your Audience

  • How can ROI be measured most effectively to ensure you are getting the best from your paid campaigns?
  • Stuck in a traffic jam? Innovative strategies to ensure that your paid social strategy is driving spend as well as traffic!
  • With young people more aware of when they’re being advertised to than ever, how can brands ensure their advertising is engaging young people and resonating?

Vittorio Boccanera
Paid Social Operational Lead

17.20 Chairs’ Closing Remarks

17.30 Official Close Of Conference