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In 1 Day, 27 Brands Reveal How They Are Tapping Into The Latest Trends & Behaviours & Staying Ahead In The Ever-Changing Youth Market!

Insight-Led, Impactful, Influential Content & Marketing Campaigns To Engage Youth & Students | Monetise The Latest & Upcoming Youth Trends, Behavioural Insights, Social Media & Digital Innovations & Win Attention Now & In The Future In The Rapidly Changing Youth Market

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 16th October, Museum of London Docklands, London

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Benvon Crumpler
Brand Director
Merlin Entertainments

TRENDS & BEHAVIOURS - Trailblazers Panel

09.20 Unlock Insights Into Shifting Youth Trends, Mindsets & Behaviours To Keep Your Brand Ahead & Power True Engagement Now & In The Future

    • Future-proof your strategies to keep your brand relevant and up to date with insights into the next big youth trends in a rapidly changing market
    • What are the biggest factors for 16-24 year olds when it comes to brand loyalty? Tap into youth behaviours and motivations to understand how and why they engage with different brands
    • AI, augmented reality, virtual reality...which new technologies are the youth audience buying into? Exploring emerging trends in new, cost-effective technologies to identify value-adding opportunities and ensure your brand stands out

Rhodri Evans
Brand Engagement Manager – Europe
Levi Strauss & Co.

Craig O’Boyle
Head of Entertainment & Media, Senior Industry Marketing & Client Engagement Director

Lisa Hogg
EMEA Marketing Director

Jaimie Fuller

Samantha Haycock
Head of Brand
20th Century Fox

Dom Weiss
Head of Planning
ZAK Agency


09.50 Maximise The Power Of Social Media To Stay Relevant, Generate Impressive Returns & Boost Youth & Student Engagement - Where They Are!

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube…where should we be investing time and energy to maximise youth engagement?
  • Leverage insights into social media trends and how young people are interacting on different social channels – and why - to identify the best platforms for your business and use them to their full potential to drive success
  • With new platforms popping up all the time, the core platforms are just the tip of the iceberg – what new and emerging opportunities are available to engage a youth audience
  • Explore new innovations and the latest updates to cut through the noise with stand-out social media campaigns which get your brand noticed
  • Unpicking the numbers to identify the current, relevant metrics to demonstrate social media engagement and ROI and secure senior buy-in

Yaakov Chaliotis
Head of Digital & Creative Content
Department for Education


10.10 Stay Social, Stay Relevant! Ensure You’re Investing Time & Money On The Right Channels & That Your Brand Is Aligned With The Youth Of Today

Sam Mooney
Head of Social Media
Ministry of Sound Group

Mayur Paul
Director of Digital & Communications
KCLSU King’s College London

Samuel Regan-Asante
Product & Marketing Director

Eoghan Beecher
Digital Fundraising Manager
Shelter UK

Euan Sked
Social Media Manager

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal, Dedicated Sector Networking Discussions

  • Higher Education
  • Retail
  • FMCG
  • Charity & Public Sector
  • Entertainment


Top Tips For Engaging Youth & Students On Social Media Platforms – What Works Best & What Falls Flat?

Don’t miss out on the fastest-growing social platform of the moment – how can we maximise the potential of Instagram and optimise stories to catch youth attention and keep up to date with our target audience

Tram-Anh Doan
Head of Digital Marketing (Social Media)

Is Facebook really on its way out? Understanding how 16-24 year olds are engaging with Facebook in different ways to adapt to changing platform behaviours and stay relevant

Lauren Smith
Social Media Manager

The Kylie Jenner effect – is Snapchat still suffering? How can we adapt to new youth trends and Snapchat format updates to keep interacting and engaging with young people?

Speaker To Be Announced, Please Check The Website For Updates


11.55 Youth & Student Insights: What’s Hot & What’s Not?

Our youth panel break down the key factors driving their behaviours, purchasing decisions and brand loyalty:

  • What do young people and students really want? How should we interact with them?
  • What grabs their attention? Which brands are they loyal to – and why?
  • It’s not just about what works - what should we avoid?
  • Where are young people spending time online?

Facilitated by:

Charlie Wells
Head of Marketing & Audience Engagement

Joined By Young People

12.30 Engage With The Youth Of Today

Camille Dupont
Head of Creatives
The National Student

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers


13.20 Informal Lunchtime Discussions

A) Measuring Engagement

Yolanda Valery
Head of Social Media Team
BBC World Service

B) Low-Budget Campaigns

John McCarthy
Executive Director of Marketing & External Relations
University of Salford

C) Engaging Through Instagram & Video

Mhairi Gowans
Digital Communications
Cambridge University

D) Data Protection

E) Augmented/Virtual Reality

F) Gen Z Is Burning Down The House. Is Your Brand In Flames?
Dom Weiss | Head of Planning | ZAK Agency

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Stuart Jackson
Head of Digital Customer & User Experience
TSB Bank

Tom Wright
Director of Digital Student Life
The University of Lincoln


14.10 Stand Out In A Crowded Market & Keep Your Brand Front Of Mind With On-Point, Authentic & Engaging Content With Measurable Impact

  • Bored or awed? Exploring new, inspirational content ideas to drive engagement with real ‘wow’ factor, not just more of the same
  • What do young people want to engage with when it’s all about ‘brand me’? Shifting content strategies in line with changing online culture to create on-brand, relevant campaigns which breathe authenticity and truly resonate with youth audiences
  • Best-practice advice for building loyalty to encourage engagement-boosting, user-generated content which cuts through the noise

Jo Burford
Community Manager, EMEA

14.30 Does My Face Fit?

Our research suggests there isn't much diversity in students' perceptions of big-name brands. Why do young people visualise brands in such a limited way? Discover what our student panel think your company persona is and why brand diversification is vital for engaging with a youth audience.

Amanda Thomson
Campus Media


14.50 Collaborate Successfully With Online Influencers & Brand Ambassadors To Build Authentic, Real Engagement & Capture Youth Attention

  • The secrets to successful brand-influencer partnerships: what really works
  • Evaluating the opportunities available to achieve real ROI and maximise youth engagement through cultivating long-term brand ambassadors and collaborating with influencers in innovative ways
  • New, creative approaches to influencer marketing to ensure campaigns come across as authentic and truly resonate with young people

Ben Bartlett
Senior Youth Coach Developer
The Football Association

VIDEO - Case Study

15.10 Harness The Power Of Video To Cut Through With Stand-Out, Engaging Content

Top tips for telling your brand’s story through engaging video content which cuts through, catches attention and maximises youth engagement. What works best? Is augmented/virtual reality worth bringing into video strategies? What new, innovative approaches can we try? How can we do more of it, better – and on a budget?

Lillian Betty
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Time Inc. UK

15.30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.00 Optimise Your Digital Channel Mix To Boost Youth Engagement & Achieve Measurable ROI

  • Harness audience insights for a better understanding of your customers’ journeys and expectations to optimise your channel mix and boost long-term engagement
  • Tap into the right channels for your audience to engage and interact with young people how they want and where they want as part of a successful multi-channel strategy
  • Email is dead – true or false? Optimise the role of email marketing as part of a wider channel mix to reach and engage youth audiences and achieve measurable results
  • Successfully integrate new technologies and innovations into your multi-channel journeys to boost ROI and stand out from the crowd

Dominic O’Connor
Digital & Security Sales Director
Telefónica O2


16.20 Reach & Engage Your Target Audience & Drive Results With Smart, Next-Level Targeting & Advertising Strategies

  • What data can we leverage to build a clear picture of the youth audience to identify the relevant channels and content to use for maximum engagement?
  • Establishing an effective audience segmentation strategy for targeted, engaging campaigns which get results
  • Taking advantage of programmatics to better target specific audiences and groups in the 16-24 demographic and achieve demonstrable ROI
  • As attitudes towards online advertising change, how can we adapt our strategies to keep our brands on the radar and drive business results?

Clare Phillips
Head of Brand

PLUS! Bonus Session From YouthSight

Josephine Wesson

16.40 Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Engaging Youth Conference - Hot Trends & Insights, please email info@youthmarketingconference.com